Curriculum Vitae

Joshua Cook Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

I am a computational biologist broadly interested in studying the effects of somatic mutations in cancer on intracellular networks, and genetic interactions during tumor evolution. Furthermore, I am interested in the tissue specificity of such disruptions. I work under the joint guidance of Professors Kevin Haigis and Peter Park


Graduate Student in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences Program at Harvard Medical School
B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biologist from UC Irvine
B.S. in Chemistry from UC Irvine


Emily Poulin, Asim Bera, Jia Lu , Samantha D. Strasser, Joao A. Paulo, Tannie Q. Huang, Carolina Morales, Wei Yan, Yi-Jang Lin, Douglas Brubaker, Joshua H. Cook, Jonathan Nowak, Brian A. Joughin, Christian Johnson, Rebecca A. DeStefanis, Phaedra Ghazi, Sudershan Gondi, Thomas Wales, Lana Bogdanova, Jessica J. Gierut, Dr. Yina Li, John R Engen, Pedro Perez-Mancera, Benjamin S. Braun, Steven P. Gygi, Douglas A. Lauffenburger, Kenneth D. Westover, Kevin M. Haigis. Tissue-Specific Oncogenic Activity of KRASA146TCancer Discovery. (PMID: 30952657)

Joshua H. Cook, Norikiyo Ueno, Melissa B. Lodoen, Jan. 2, 2018. Toxoplasma gondii disrupts β1 integrin signaling and focal adhesion formation during monocyte hypermotilityJournal of Biological Chemistry. (PMID: 29295815)

Julien Maillard, Soyoung Park, Sophie Croizier, CharloIe Vanacker, Joshua H. Cook, Vincent Prevot, Maithe Tauber, Sebastien G. Bouret. June 9, 2016. Loss of Magel2 Impairs the Development of Hypothalamic Anorexigenic CircuitsHuman Molecular Genetics. (PMID: 27288456)

Published Software Packages

ggasym (pronounced "gg-awesome") plots a symmetric matrix with two different fill aesthetics for the top-left and bottom-right triangles and along the diagonal. It operates within the Grammar of Graphics paradigm implemented in ggplot2.

Research History

Toxoplasma gondii disrupts β1 integrin signaling and focal adhesion formation during monocyte hypermotility
     Undergraduate Researcher — August 2014 - August 2017 — UC Irvine
In the laboratory of Professor Melissa Lodoen, I investigated the patterns and mechanisms of dissemination by which Toxoplasma gondii, an obligate, intracellular parasite, infects a human host. (I was published for my work in this lab.)

Loss of Magel2 impairs the development of hypothalamic anorexigenic circuits
     Research Internship — Summer of 2014 — Saban Research Institute, Los Angeles
I studied the underlying causes of developmental disruptions within the hypothalamus that are characteristic of Prader-Willi syndrome under Dr. Sebastien Bouret. (I was published for my work in this lab.)

The role of hepatic stem cells in the development of Alagille syndrome and biliary atresia
Research Internship — Summer of 2012 — Saban Research Institute, Los Angeles
Under the guidance of Dr. Kasper Wang, I researched the role of liver progenitor cells in these two rare, yet deadly, early onset diseases.


Other Information and Links

I am well versed in R, Python, MATLAB, Linux and Arduino (a form of C). Additionally, I can 3D-model in SolidWorks and have some experience in 3D manufacturing/rapid-prototyping. I am a hobbyist "maker" where I have a lot of experience designing, constructing, and programming electronic devices.

Here is a link to my GitHub.

Information on my presentations, academic awards, leadership experience, and more can be found in my full CV (PDF).

References are available upon request.


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